Private & Group Lesson Dates for 2014-15

Private Instruction dates:

  • Semester 1- August 18-December 19 (18 weeks includes one master class or recital)
  • Semester 2- January 5-May 9 (18 weeks includes one master class or recital)
  • Semester 3- May 11-July 4 (8 weeks)

Group Lesson dates:

  • Session 1- September 1-November 1 (8 weeks)
  • Session 2- January 5-March 7 (8 weeks)
  • Session 3- March 9-May 9 (8 weeks)

* These are not consecutive weeks in each session to accommodate for space conflicts and holiday breaks



What is IHPA Academy?

Indian Hill Performance Arts Academy is after school programming in performing arts for students K-12 in the Indian HIll school districts.  Many Indian Hill school students travel miles away to train in dance, acting, instrument and vocal instruction.  IHPA Academy provides Indian Hill students and students living in the Indian Hill school district the opportunity to study performing arts within their community, on our school campus and after school – convenient for parents and keeps our student close to home.  Quality instruction without leaving the village!

Often private instruction also supports an outside performing arts venue but now a percentage of student’s tuition and fees will go to support our own Fine Arts Teachers in the classroom, becoming a resource that can be passed on to our students!  Indian Hill students now have the opportunity to grow and study performing arts after school in their own comfortable school environment, creating stronger more confident performers inside the classroom and on the stage.

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Our Mission

The mission of Indian Hill Performing Arts is:

  • To provide quality professional training within our community.
  • To build confidence and creative skills which extend into the classroom and other areas of learning and life.
  • To provide introductory and advanced classes in Acting/Musical Theatre, Dance, Vocal Technique, Instrument lessons and many specialty classes including Technical Design, Costuming, Puppetry and Performing Arts groups.
  • All classes are aligned with the Ohio Department of Education Standards for Drama and Theatre.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing professional environment where students can learn and grow as performers.